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If you do personal injury work for military personnel who have been medically discharged, we may be of assistance to your firm.

When military personnel have been discharged due to their injuries, whether on their first enlistment or later in their career, the preparation of their statement of lost wages can be complicated. There are three areas of consideration:

Tangible Benefits:Basic Pay, Basic Allowance for Quarters, Basic Allowance for Housing, Basic Allowance for Subsistence, Supplementary Replacement Allowance, Variable Housing Allowance, and Servicemans Group Life Insurance.

Intangible Benefits:Free Medical, Free Dental, Exchange Privileges, Commissary Privileges, and Recreational Privileges.

Other Factors:Date of Entry into Armed Forces, Total Active Service, Discharge Date, Normal Expiration of Enlistment, Rank at Time of Discharge, Date of Rank, Recommendation for Promotion, Recommendation for Reenlistment, Approval for Reenlistment, Period of Reenlistment, and Longevity Increases

As an example: A Sergeant with twelve years active service, recommended for a four-year reenlistment, has an accident in December of 1992. His reenlistment was approved for July of 1993, but due to his accident, he is discharged in October of 1993. Taking his reenlistment into consideration, his lost wages can be computed through July of 1997, for approximately $125,000.

In doing a statement of lost wages, we will provide a hard copy of the statement and documentation, and download our computer file to your system (if your firm is local) or provide a copy on computer diskette, so that it can be formatted to suit your firm's requirements. We are available to testify as an expert witness, if needed.

Our charge for this service, is $100.00 per report. There may be incidental charges, but these will be discussed during our first contact. As an expert witness, we charge $35.00 per hour for court time.

Contact us by mail, telephone, FAX, or email. We will provide a listing of the information we will need from the client's file. We would also appreciate authorization to contact the client directly.

References are furnished upon request.


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